Anonymous: With Lottie on tour do you have more chores to do at home? Like take care of some of the younger ones.

I don’t live at home haha and we don’t really do chores anymore, the twins do sometimes!

Anonymous: Where do you mostly shop when you are out in London / Paris your style is really cool x

I.n London I’m just always on Westfileds or oxford street and in Paris Colette is the coolest store but French Zara is nice too!

Anonymous: I can confirm that the girl who said she is Rudy (Nico Liersch) from The Book Theifs sister, isn't actually his sister. Everything she said was false and as far as I know, I doubt Nico knows who you are:)

Really can you can confirm that, okay then:)

Anonymous: what size will your clothing line go up to I am rally worried I won't be able to fit into it

Size 6-16 UK

Anonymous: Don't you think that jwow is using you? Seems a but fishy how he is a super huge fan of 1D and all of a sudden, you're friends. You're just too naïve.

Shut up about Joao he is the nicest person you will ever meet and I love him to pieces yeah he likes one direction but let’s face it quite a lot of people do. You’re so simple minded if. You think that after having this kind of lifestyle for 4 years I haven’t learnt how to choose my friends.